This is Korea University’s Digital Information Office.

We will guide you through the procedures related to applying for conversion to Google Mail as follows.

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Change Processing Procedure 

  1. Submit application to the Digital Information Office

    *Application access route : portal system > mail menu > gmail>Reuse Request

    *Link to Google Mail reuse application form

       → https://forms.gle/WwMtxNoPCY1Y5BgAA)


  2. After receiving the information textaccess Google Mail and reset 

        your password 

        * using the 'Change Password' menu on the portal 

        *It is recommended that you set your mail password and portal password 

          differently for security reasons, and if possible, 

          use up to two-step authentication is recommended.

  3. Transferring mail from HiWorks Secure Mail to Google Mail 

       *technically, it is not possible to automate, so it is necessary to transfer it 

          manually after reading the notice in the [Mail Transfer Details Link] below

Mail Transfer Procedure 

  1. After reading the notice in the [Mail Transfer Details Link] below, download 

      the mail from HiWorks security mail by compressing it to your PC 


      * [Mail Transfer Details Link] 

  2. After reading the notice in the [Mail Transfer Details Link] below, 

      unzip and upload your mail to Google Mail

       *  Depending on the amount of mail, downloading and uploading 

             can take a long time, especially uploading

○ Additional Information


  1. Application for conversion to Google Mail is currently in progress for 


      Whether to proceed with conversion applications for non- professor is being 

      planned at a later date. 

  2. Since the opening of Google's new mail conversion service, 

      the spam filtering function has been improved, but the mail receipt 

      confirmation function is not officially supported due to reliability issues 

      between mail systems.

       Guide to reorganizing email-related portal menus and changing 

           email system configuration

thank you

※ We would appreciate it if you could contact the Information Infrastructure 

     team at mail (mail@korea.ac.kr / 02-3290-4205, 4207, 4192, 4195 )